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Breweries with Taprooms

56 Brewing
Minneapolis: 3134 California St NE

612 Brew
Minneapolis: 945 Broadway St NE

August Schell Brewing Co. 
New Ulm: 1860 Schell Rd

Badger Hill Brewing Co.
Shakopee:  4571 Valley Industrial Blvd

Bad Weather Brewing Co.
St. Paul: 414 7th St West

Bang Brewing 
St. Paul; 2320 Capp Road

Barley Johns Brewpub
New Brighton: 781 Old Highway 8 SW

Bauhaus Brew Labs
Minneapolis: 1315 Tyler St NE

Bent Brewstillery
Roseville: 1744 Terrace Dr

Big Wood Brewery
White Bear Lake: 2222 4th St

Boom Island Brewing Co.
Minneapolis: 2014 Washington Ave N

Burning Brothers Brewing Co.
St. Paul:1750 Thomas Ave

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.
Minneapolis: 1300 2nd St NE

Eastlake Brewery & Tavern
Minneapolis:920 East Lake Stt #123

Enki Brewing Co.
Victoria: 7929 Victoria Dr

Excelsior Brewing Co.
Excelsior: 421 3rd St

Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Minneapolis: 2506 Central Avenue NE

Flat Earth Brewing Co.
St. Paul: 688 Minnehaha Ave E

Fulton Brewing Co.
Minneapolis: 414 6th Ave N

Granite City Food & Brewery

Hammerheart Brewinging Co
Lino Lakes: 7785 Lakes Dr

Harriet Brewing
Minneapolis: 3036 Minnehaha Ave

Hayes Public House
Buffalo: 112 First St S

Historic Schmidt Brewery

Indeed Brewing Co.
Minneapolis: 711 15th Ave. NE

Insight Brewing
Minneapolis: 2821 East Hennepin

Lazy Loon Brewing
Victoria, MN

Lift Bridge Brewery
Stillwater: 1900 Tower Dr

LTD Brewing Co.
Hopkins:725 Main St

Lucid Brewing
Minnetonka:  6020 Culligan Way

Lupulin Brewing Co.
Big Lake: 570 Humboldt Dr

LynLake Brewery
Minneapolis: 2934 Lyndale Ave S

Maple Island Brewing Co.
Stillwater: 225 Main St N

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery:

Montgomery Brewing Co. | 306 2nd St. NW, Montgomery

NorthGate | website | 783 Harding Street NE, Minneapolis

Pryes Brewing | website | 6020 Culligan Way, Minnetonka

Schram Vineyard Winery & Brewery | website | 8785 Airport Road, Waconia, MN

Sidhe Brewing Co. | website | 990 Payne Avenue, St. Paul

Sisyphus Brewing | website | 712 Ontario Avenue West (Enter on Aldrich), Minneapolis, MN

Sociable Cider Werks | website | 1500 Fillmore St. NE, Minneapolis, MN

Steel Toe Brewing Co.| website | 4848 W 35th St., St. Louis Park, MN

Summit Brewing Co. | website | 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul, MN

Surly Brewing Co. | website | 520 Malcolm Avenue SE, Minneapolis MN

Tin Whiskers Brewing | website | 125 9th Street East, St. Paul

Urban Growler Brewing C0.
| website |
 2325 Endicott Street, St. Paul

Vine Park Brewing Co.
1254 West 7th, St. Paul, MN

Wabasha Brewing Co.
429 Wabasha Street South, St. Paul


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