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Household Tasks A to Z

They say you teach what you want to learn and I’m ready to learn how to help my children become better helpers. Creating a chore chart and reward system may be helpful to you and your family. Instead of spending money on magnetic or dry erase chore charts you can make your own customized chart by printing one from these online resources: a web-based game that allows you to create and print chore charts for 
your child to earn points to play games

A – make chores and allowance age appropriate
Bbuy a book as a reward
C – use consequences for not completing chores without being harsh
D – if a chore is too difficult, ditch it and do a different one instead
E – set reasonable and clear expectations
F – make chores fun by singing a song while you work
G – use small goals so your child doesn’t become overwhelmed such as first pick up the toys off the floor then organize the bookshelf rather than one big goal of cleaning their bedroom
help your child see their progress by showing them how much they’ve cleaned by taking a before picture
I involve kids in the process of creating the chart and choosing incentives
J – make a “do-it-done-it” jar with popsicle sticks or wooden clothes pins
K – make some cleaning kits they can grab such as one for windows with glass cleaner and rags or paper towels
Llisten to music while working to make it fun and energizing
M – Let them mess up and avoid making them do chores perfectly, let them learn to master their chores
N – get chores done nice and early so they can enjoy the rest of the day and take a nap
O offer some chore choices
P – use privileges as a reward such as choosing dinner or a movie for family movie night, using the shower or bath first, or even earning craft time or a party
Q – show kids how to do the chore quickly so it doesn’t take too long
R – change up their chores to avoid a rut
-  let kids put stickers on their own chart to track their own progress
T – use a training period to help them out and show them how to do each chore
U – surprise your child with a chore that is fun and unexpected such as “watch 30 minutes of TV or play on the computer)
Vview household chores as a family responsibility not only as a way to earn an allowance or rewards
W Wait and watch, it may take some time for your child to get the chore done
X – Set a good eXample and do your chores without complaining
Y – start chores young, even 15-18 month old children can help pick up items
Z – pretend you’re at the zoo having to clean out the lion’s area really fast before the lion wakes up from his naphen picking up a room, we like to sing a little song to make it go faster. I tell the kids they have to pick up for only one minute, “60 second pick up here we go, 60 second pick up, enjoy the show” Often times they have so much fun they keep going well after a minute until it’s all done.
Make a “do-it-done-it” jar by simply writing the names of each chore your child will be doing on a wooden clothes pin and place it in the jar.  They can pull out the pin, do the chore, and then put the pin on the edge of the jar.  Once all the chores are done, they can take the pin off the edge and put it back into the jar to start drawing out again when it’s time to do chores.  You can do the same thing with wooden popsicle sticks, just place the sticks in another container when they finish the task. 
Many times children become easily overwhelmed especially when it comes time to picking up lots of toys and craft supplies.  Have them make a pick-up-box by using a large but easy to manage cardboard box that they can color or paint.  When it’s time to pick up, simply have the child put their toys in the box. Then you can help them sort them and put them in their proper place.
Here is an alphabetical list of household chores and errands you and your child(ren) may want to do over the summer. It could be fun to do them during the days and weeks you’re celebrating the corresponding letter.
Aalphabetize books, CDs, DVDs, and recipes, go to the doctor for your annual check-up, use or change the aluminum foil at the bottom of your oven or in the burners
Bbudget, clean the blinds and bathtub, make bed, go to the bank, back up your computer files
C – wash curtains, consign old clothes, cut out coupons, cook and can, compost, collect coins and cash them in at the bank
Ddrop off and pick up dry cleaning, dust furniture, donate old clothes and household items to a charity, do the dishes, get your teeth checked at the dentist, donate blood
E – run errands, see the eye doctor
Ffind stuff you’ve been looking for, organize food storage containers, gather all of your financial information including account numbers and phone numbers and give a copy to a trusted friend or family member for safe keeping
Ggo grocery shopping, clean or fix grout, garden
H – get your hair cut, drop off unwanted items at the hazardous waste center, write a health care directive, harvest your herb garden
I – do your ironing, inventory your home with a video placed in your safe deposit box
J – clean out the junk drawer
K – organize the kitchen cabinets
L – do the laundry, organize the linen closet, collect labels from canned and boxed goods to donate to your local school
M – clean the mirrors, mop the floors, plan your monthly menu, maintain the lawn mower and sewing machine
N – compile a list of frequently used phone numbers then place a copy of this list by each phone and in your car
O – change the oil in car, clean the oven
P polish your silverware and shoes, go to the post office, plant flower and vegetable seeds
Q – use Q-tips to clean hard to reach places like behind the sink
Rrecycle, rake, repot household plants, refill the snack drawer in your fridge, get your tires rotated
S – organize your spices, shampoo carpets, clean the sink, sort laundry, change bed sheets, open or organize your safe deposit box, stock up a snack drawer in your fridge
T – clean the toilet, set the table, organize and purge toys, remove couch cushions for a treasure hunt
U – make sure your umbrellas work and are placed in convenient locations to use on rainy days such as the entry way to your home or your car, clean your upholstery
Vvacuum your car, volunteer your time and talent, vacuum carpeting and rugs, make sure your vaccines are up to date such especially your tetanus shot
W – clean the windows, water plants, wash and wax your car, update your will, make a copy of all the contents in your wallet in case it gets lost or stolen
X – get a dental x-ray, ask your doctor or chiropractor to show you a real x-ray
Y – do your yard work
Z  - use Zip lock bags to organize and store small items such as buttons and pins, screws, and nails


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