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Transportation A to Z

Alphabeep! By Debora Pearson

Draw a picture of this form of transportation
Have you ever used this method of transportation?
Do you know of anyone who has used this form of transportation?
Are there any books or movies that highlight this form of transportation?

A – airplanes, automobile, Autobahn, air carrier
B – bus, blimp, bicycle, boat
C – canoe, car, combine, camel, canal
D – driving, dump truck, donkey
E – elephant, expressway
F – float plane, ferry, freeway
G - glider
H – helicopter, hot air balloon, horse
I – inflatable boat
J – jetpack, jeep
K - kayak
L - lorry
M – motorcycle, minivan
N – naval fleet
O - oxen
P- puddle jumper, plane, parachute
R – rowboat, raft, rocket
S – semi-truck, speed boat, sail boat, scooter, ship, spaceship, subway, sky diving
T – train, truck, tractor, taxi, toll way, tricycle
U - unicycle
V - van
W - waterway
Y - yacht
Z – Zeppelin, zip line, palanquzeppelin


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