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Destinations A to Z

Destinations and Local Attractions
Setting up weekly field trips to locations you like to visit or even spots you mean to go but always forget about is one of the many benefits of the Alphabet Summer structure.  Below is a listing of common and not-so-common places to go during your summer break.  Some of the places are already on your schedule and have to be visited anyway based on your household needs and errands. Wouldn’t it be fun to do it during the day or week you’re celebrating that letter?  I also like to base our outings on coupons in order to keep our spending under control.  I frequently check the Sunday paper, websites, the Chinook Book - (previously named the Blue Sky Guide), and the Entertainment Book  - (previously named the Happenings Book)for inspiration and savings.
A – air shows, art museums, arboretum, amusement park, astronomy museum, animal shelter, apple orchard, athletic events
B – bank, Basilica, barbershop, bookstore, bead store, bus, baseball games, basket ball games, beach, band shells, bike shop, book readings
C – carnival, church, Cathedral, children’s museum, coffee shop, capitol, concert in the park, camping, caves, conservatory, camp programs, nearby cities and counties (look on a map), cooking class, craft fairs, city hall, craft store, cave, cemetery
D – dollar store, downtown, deli, drum shop, dog races
E – entertainment parks
F – fair, festival, farmer’s market, flower gardens, farm, funeral home, fair ground, flee market, fish store
G – garage sales, garden stores, golfing, grocery shopping, garden center
H – history centers
I – ice cream parlors, ice rinks
J – junk yard, overstock store
K – kite flying, kitchen gadget store
L – local libraries, lakes, labyrinth
M – movie theaters, miniature golfing, maze, maritime museum, music store, mosque, morgue
N – nature centers
O – opera, orchestra, orchard
P – parks, pizza places, pool, piano store, pumpkin patch, party supply store, pet store
Q – quiet place (library, nature, or park)
R – restaurants, roller skating, road trip, recreation centers
S – synagogue, science museum, shopping malls, swimming pools, soccer games, stores, statues, sea life museum, state fair, story time, sporting good stores, sewing store
T – theatres, thrift stores, theme parks
U - uptown
V - vacation
W – water parks and pads, water fall, woods
Z – zoo


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