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Games A to Z (Inside and Out)

A – Apples to Apples, Ants in the Pants
B – blowing up balloons, Bananagrams, Bingo, Battleship, Boggle, billiards, backgammon, bunco, Beat the Parents
C – checkers, chess,Chinese checkers, charades, Cootie, Cranium, Connect 4, cards, Clue, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, crossword puzzles, cribbage, Catch Phrase!, charades, cat’s cradle, Cadoo
D – dominos, darts, duck duck gray duck (or goose if you’re not from Minnesota!)
E - Elefun
F – foos ball, Frisbee, Froggy Boogie
G – Go Fish
H – Hullabaloo, Hungry Hippos, Hangman, Hi Ho Cheerio, hide and seek, hippity hop, hop scotch, hoola hoop
I –I Spy
J – Jenga (Jumbo Jenga), jacks
K – Kick the Can, Ker Plunk
L – The Game of Life, Ladybug Game
M – Monopoly, Memory, Mouse Trap, mazes, Mr. Potato Head, Mastermind
O – Operation, Old Maid, Outburst
P – peek-a-boo, ping pong, puzzles, Pictionary, pick-up sticks, Perfection, Pigzup, pool, Phase 10
Q – Quelf, Qwirkle, Qwip It
R – Risk, Rummikub, Rubiks Cube
S – Shoot-a-Loop, splat ball, scrabble, Sorry, Slip-n-Slide, Suduko, shuffleboard, Scattergories, Scene It?, Sound Off, Snakes and Ladders
T – trampoline, tag, table tennis, Trivial Pursuit, tic tac toe, Trouble, Taboo, ToppleTree, Twister, Tiddly Winks
U - Uno
W – Word Spot, water balloon throwing contest or fight, Would You Rather, Wii, word games, water balloon toss
X - Xbox
Y – yo yos, Yatzee
Z – Zingo


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Musical Instruments A to Z

A – accordion, a coustic guitar B – bagpipes, banjo, bassoon, bell, bongo, bugle C – castanets, cello, clarinet, conga, cornet, cymbals, chimes, cowbell, clarinet D – drums E – ektara, erhu, erxian F – flute, flutophone, flugelhorn, French horn, finger cymbals, fiddle G – glockenspiel, gongs, guitar, glass chord H – harmonica, harp, harpsichord, horn, Harp, Harpsichord, I - Ipu , Igil, Irish bouzouki, Inci, Irish Uilleann, Istarski mih J - jug Janggu, Jew’s harp, Jiaohu, Jinghu, K – kazoo, keyboard, kettle drum L – lute,  lyre M – mandolin, maracas N – Naqara, Nyckelharpa, Nadaswaram, Natural Trumpet, Nay, Ney, Northumbrian small pipes, Nose flute O – organ, oboe P – piano, percussions, pipe organ, Piccolo Q – quinticlave, Qanun, Quena R – recorder, rain stick, rattle, reed pipe S – saxophone, snare drum, steel drum, strings, sousaphone, synthesizer, Spoons, Sitar, Slide guitar, Steel guitar, Slide whistle T – tambourine, triangle, trombone, trumpet, tuba, turntables, Tom

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Transportation Alphabeep! By Debora Pearson Draw a picture of this form of transportation Have you ever used this method of transportation? Do you know of anyone who has used this form of transportation? Are there any books or movies that highlight this form of transportation? A – airplanes, automobile, Autobahn, air carrier B – bus, blimp, bicycle, boat C – canoe, car, combine, camel, canal D – driving, dump truck, donkey E – elephant, expressway F – float plane, ferry, freeway G - glider H – helicopter, hot air balloon, horse I – inflatable boat J – jetpack, jeep K - kayak L - lorry M – motorcycle, minivan N – naval fleet O - oxen P - puddle jumper, plane, parachute R – rowboat, raft, rocket S – semi-truck, speed boat, sail boat, scooter, ship, spaceship, subway, sky diving T – train, truck, tractor, taxi, toll way, tricycle U - unicycle

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If you’re so lucky to have your Alphabet Summer during the Olympics, be sure to try to plan something ahead of time around the different summer sports that will be highlighted.  Check out the official website of the Olympics for more information: What kind of equipment is needed for this sport? Where and when did this sport originate? Have you ever played this sport? What is your favorite sport? Do you know anyone who plays this sport? Are there any famous people who play this sport as a professional? Are there any books or movies that highlight this sport? A – aerobics, archery, aquatics, automobile racing B – Badminton, biking, boxing, basketball, baseball, bocce ball, bowling, body building, bull fighting, boomerang, bobsleigh, biathlon, billiards C – croquet, cricket, cross country skiing, curling, cycling, canoeing D – darts, deep sea diving, downhill skiing, dancing, diving, dog training, dog sledding, decathlon E - equestrian F – football, fishi