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Historical Events and Figures A to Z

Art History - and

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A – American Civil War, The Battle of the Alamo, Abraham Lincoln
B –The fall of the Berlin Wall, Black Plague, Bay of Pigs
C – Christopher Columbus, The Constitution, The Cold War, The Civil War
D – Declaration of Independence, The Dustbowl
E – Emancipation Proclamation, Queen Elizabeth, European Union
F – Ben Franklin, the French Revolution
G – The Great Depression, Gold Rush, Great Fire of London, Ancient Greece
H – The Holocaust, The Hindenburg
I – Industrial Revolution
J – Thomas Jefferson
K – Martin Luther King, Jr., Kennedy Assassination
L – Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark
M – Ho Chi Minh
N – The Nuremberg Trials, New Deal
O – Oregon Trail, The Olympics
P – Prohibition, William Penn, Puritans, Plymouth on the Rock
R – Russian Revolution, Renaissance
S – September 11, 2011, Salem Witch Trials, Suffrage Movement, Stonehenge, Joseph Stalin, Spanish Revolution, Spanish American War
T – Harriet Tubman, The Titanic, Thirty Years War
U – United Nations, Underground Railroad
V - Vietnam
W – World War I and II, William Penn, Watergate, Wall Street Crash, George Washington, Wars of the Roses

When did this event occur or when was this person born? 
What happened and what makes this a historical event?
Why is it important to know about this person or event?
Do you know anyone who was living while this person was alive or this event occurred?
How does this event or person affect us now?


  1. Is there nothing in history that happened and starts with a "z"?!

  2. What about Q,X,Y can't find any for these ones

    1. For Q you can do : Quebec history ( Spindletop oil )


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