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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A is for All About Alphabet Adventures Author

Megan Meuli is the author and creator of Alphabet Adventures, a blog dedicated to inspiring creativity while celebrating the alphabet with alphabet-based activities, crafts, decorating, and a local resources.

'F' is for Free and Frugal Family Fun is Megan’s Edina, Richfield, and Southwest Minneapolis Patch blog devoted to sharing the many low and no cost family fun in and around town.  Look for weekly updates to plan exciting family adventures and make long-lasting memories with your family.

Megan is the mother of two daughters who have spent their past few summers celebrating the alphabet. In 2011, Megan created and coordinated a weekly neighborhood craft camp  with over 30 neighborhood children. Once a week, the children gathered to learn about the world around them including visits to their local nature center, tours of their neighbor's beautiful gardens, and learning all about percussion instruments at the local drum shop.  The children also enjoyed making crafts based on the letter of the week and celebrated Smiley Faces at the end of summer.
Planning activities based on the alphabet is a very fun and educational way to plan and enjoy time with your children whether you are a parent, grandparent, Godparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, teacher, nanny, daycare provider, or a loving neighbor.  If you’d like to plan your own alphabet summer,  check out this page with a list of helpful ideas to get you started. We welcome your ideas and hope you will be inspired by ours. You can contact Megan directly with questions and suggestions.

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