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Magical and Mythical Creatures A to Z

A - aliens, angels 
B - Big Foot, banshee, basilisk, black dog, Bogeyman
C - Cyclops, centaur, cherubs, Cupid, Chupacabra, Cerebrus, Chimaera, Cyclops

D - Dragons, Dracula
E - Elves 
F - Fairies, Father Frost, Frankenstein

G - Gargoyles, goblins, Griffins, gnomes, ghosts, gremlins, Greek Gods, Gogmagog, Golem, Gorgon, Genrir, Gargantua
H - Hobgoblin, Hobbits, hydra, hippogriff, headless horseman, Harpy, Hydra

I – Itcuintlipotzotli, imp
J - Jack Frost, jack-o-lope, Jersey Devil

K - Kraken, Kampe, Kelpie, Knockers, King Kong
L - Loch Ness Monster, leprechaun, Leviathan

M - Medusa, mummies, mermaids, merpeople, magician, minotaur, manticore, Mothra, Mothman

N - Nymphs, Naiad 
O - Ores, Ouroboros, Odin, Oberon, oni
P - Pegasus, Phoenix, Pixie, poltergeist, Puck
Q - Quanlier
- Roc, Reptoid Alien
- Sprite, sphinx, Selkie, Sorcerer, Sentor, sphinx, sea serpents, Scylla

T - Troll, Tooth Fairy, trolls, Thor, Tokoloshe, Thunderbird

U - Unicorn, Undine, Ugunsmate 
V - Vampires, Valkyrs 
W - Werewolves, wizards, witches, Will-o-the-wisps, wraith, wyvern

X - Xelhau,  Xing Tian, Xoni
Y - Yale, Yeti, Yew Fairy, Yowie

Z - Zombies, Zephyrus, Zeus
Questions to Answer:
Draw a picture of what this creature looks like
Where does this creature originate?
Where can this creature be found?
What is it best known for?
Are there any books or movies about this creature?
Write a your own story about this creature
My favorite book on the many types of fairies is The Fairy Bible: The Definitive Guide to the World of Fairies. Also, check out for helpful more information


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