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Spring Summer Kid's Consignment Sales

Whether you plan to sell your old stuff or are interested in partaking in some of the great buys for kid's clothes and toys, be sure to mark your calendars with the following dates for amazing sales all over the Twin Cities:

From Yours to Mine (April 20-21) Ames Arena in Lakeville.

Munchkin Markets (April 28-29) State Fair Grounds.

Treasure Hunt Sales (May 4-6) Ames Arena in Lakeville.

Flip Flop Kids Swap (May 10-12) Hastings National Armory in Hastings

Just Between Friends  - has sales locations all over the Twin Cities including: Blaine/Andover, Coon Rapids/Elk River, Maple Grove/Brooklyn Park, White Bear Lake/Stillwater, St. Cloud, and Woodbury. The JFB sales closest to Richfield/Edina/SW Mpls are:

Eden Prairie—May 3-6 at the former Frank's Nursery
Edina—May 31-June 2 at the Hopkins Pavilion

Check out Twin Cities Kids Sales for more information on buying and consigning kid's stuff.


  1. JBF Eagan Spring Sale will be held on April 12-14, 2014 at High Performance Academy in Eagan.

  2. The Munchkin Markets State Fairgrounds sale is April 26-27, 2014. Munchkin Markets also has sales at the Blaine Sports Center (April 12-13) and the Washington Cty Fairgrounds in Stillwater (May 3-4) as well as sales in Mankato, Rochester and Duluth.

  3. Thanks Duane! Munchkin Markets is listed in Free & Frugal Family fun too!


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