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Alphabet Summer book now available for purchase

Two years ago we started our Alphabet Adventures and we began celebrating the letters of the alphabet throughout the summer.  This spring I finished writing a book that to inspire caretakers to structure summer activities around the alphabet based on our experiences and additional research.  

The book is filled with colorful photographs and a multitude of ideas and inspiration. There are 68 pages with lots of summer activity ideas including tips for creating your own neighborhood craft camp, and even two lullabies I wrote myself.  Readers will be astounded by the neighborhood connection, creativity, language, and vocabulary development their children gain when encouraged to generate ideas and activities around the letters of the alphabet.  

Here's the best part, you don't have structure your entire summer around the alphabet or even use the alphabet because the book is chuck-full of great summer activity ideas that can be used with or without the alphabet idea. 

I will donate 10% of the income I receive to Children's Tumor Foundation.  

To purchase the book, know me, and live near me, send me an email at and I'll drop it off during my errand runs or walk it over. 
Otherwise, the book can be purchased at Create Space for $16.00 with $3.59 shipping. 

Click on the C is for Contents page to get an idea of all the information that's included in the book including helpful worksheets and two lullaby songs I wrote myself!


  1. what a great idea, I can't wait to check it out!

  2. Thank you! How did you hear about it? Beautiful blog you've got there!

  3. Also, please note that it's on Kindle now!!!


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