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Week 4 Alphabet Summer 2011: C and H

We ended M & W week with the Meuli family in Wisconsin and made an easy transition to our C & H week with camera-shy cousin Connor and our Collins cousins. We had fun playing with the hula hoop, going for canoe rides and the eldest cousin Isabelle created a Survivor Camp and got the kids to catch their own fish and build a tent. There were lots of creepy crawly bugs involved and she kept asking questions that scared all the adults though….”Hey, how do you cook this clam we found in the lake?” and so forth. Thank goodness they all survived. We also survived the transition from bottle to sippy cup this weekend.  At 20+ months, it was more than time to switch.

Here’s a picture of the little one in a creepy counter chair Grammy let us use. She really enjoyed sitting there. It made me a little nervous though like it was suspended in air.

When we returned home the cousins came over to play at our house and watched as the concrete project came to completion.  Maddie and Angie put their hand prints into the cement.  Thank you to H&S Concrete! They did our driveway at our old house and we highly recommend them.

We never did make it to the library this week.  But we did have ice cream at Cone Brothers at 66th and Penn Avenue and we played on the horsey at Heredia Park which is located right next to our brand new city hall.
I’m delighted to write that our craft camp continues to be a surprising success. This week we had seven campers and celebrated the Cat in the Hat. Our Craft Camp Celebrities this week were Charlie B. and Kaya H. Dang, I meant to make them a crown. Our buddy Theo came dressed as the Cat in the Hat and even had whiskers to boot!  He let us borrow the hat and I stuck a bunch of household objects in it and the kid’s had to blindly guess what they were touching.
I’m starting to delegate more and more of the tasks to my “helpers”. Kids over the age of 9 who are willing to help the smaller kids with their crafts. Maddie is helping by welcoming the kids when they come and running “play time/transition time” while I prepare snacks and lunch. This week, she ran a game of “Simon Says” but instead said, “The Cat in the Hat Says“.
We started off by reading The Cat in the Hat. During the transition times and when kids were taking turns with the more complicated crafts, I had them work on these different games and puzzles I printed out:  Dr. Seuss’ Who’s WhoBirthday Cake Maze, and a word find. Here’s the website with a bunch of additional Cat in the Hat activities. This pipe cleaner project would be super fun for an older crafting crowd.
The crafts were a lot of fun and my helpers did most of the work while I made a pizza and a cake in the shape of the cat’s hat. I just used a cake-in-a-box though. The first craft the kid’s made was to color the hat I copied from this page and printed on cardstock paper. We just used two thin pieces of card stock paper taped together to make a circle around the kid’s heads to hold it on.

 I fed them a little snack then I coated them all with bug’s spray and we headed off to our local park just four blocks away. The kid’s played for a little bit but were excited to get back into the air conditioning and out of the heat so they could eat!
I was very grateful to stumble upon this darling Thing 1 and Thing 2 craft because I was getting a little sick of the Cat’s Hat by the end of it. I love this craft because the kids had to outline both their hands and their feet. Near the end of the camp when most of the kids had had three pieces of pizza and two pieces of cake, we made these cute little marshmallows hats with red sugar.  I didn’t give them to the kids until they went home with strict instructions to the parents to eat later.

With the lack of sleep from the fourth of July weekend and the withdrawal of Grandma and cousin time, we’ve had a very crabby child in the house.  So, we spent some quality time together playing with Emo-dough and it was a wonderful distraction with excellent results. But not quite as good as the whipped cream on short cake. Here’s a picture of one we made that looked like a mosquito.

We had the perfect ending to our C & H week in my hometown with the Cassidy Clan, cousins Ellie, Cami, and Molly and a representative of my mom’s family, the Haugens. We drove there in a caravan and enjoyed carrot cake and chasing curly-haired cousin baby butterlies Angela and Molly. Maddie captured a picture with my camera of two baby birds that built a nest on my parent’s TV satelite.

A couple of other C & H things I’ll mention from this week include the baby cutting more teeth and being quite crabby herself. Having crazy hair in the bath tub.  I let our friends Denise and Gary help themselves to a bunch of hostas for their garden. I REALLY wanted to go to Chutes and Ladders in Bloomington but we had to cancel because we had a little tummy trouble in the house this week. I thought it would be fun to go there and to Candyland then play the games….oh well, next year. There’s only so much we can do! Here’s what we did last year for C and H: went to Sweet Retreat for cupcakes and Chuck-E-Cheese and Centennial Lakes with Cousin Connorcamped out in the backyard, did some crafts at the library and at home, made a crab patch for her crabby pants, made a cd with lots of happy songs, had hot dogs at Lake Harriet with Holland and the Holtbergs, had hamburgers and made heart pillows with the Hotz family.


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