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K is for Kindness Coins

If you're visiting this page, perhaps you've received one of our Alphabet Adventures Kindness Coins.  These coins were decorated by a child at one of my book selling events. Children were asked to share them with others who demonstrated kindness to them.  We ask that you pass on the coins to someone you seeing doing something kind.

I was first inspired to create kindness coins during a family trip to Tucson, Arizona, we stumbled upon a wonderful non-profit called Ben’s Bells Project. Ben’s Bells was created by the grieving parents of 3-year-old Ben who suddenly passed away after a short and unexpected illness. As a way to find comfort and carry on Ben’s legacy, they created Ben’s Bells to spread kindness. Volunteers paint ceramic bells that are placed on wind chimes and distributed throughout Tucson once a year. If you receive one of these beautiful wind chimes, you are asked to pay it forward with kind acts in the name of Ben.We created kindness coins based on the coins sold in Ben’s family’s ceramics shop. You can purchase your own Ben’s Bells by visiting this website.

Materials Needed:
baking clay
small flower or heart shaped cookie cutter
drinking straw
acrylic paint
6 inch pieces of ribbon
make a copy of the kindness quotes below
hole puncher

Roll out the clay and use cookie cutters.  Use the straw to make a hole in the middle of the flower or heart. Remove the middle piece. Bake the clay at the temperature and length of time suggested in product directions. Allow to cool completely. Cut the kindness quotes and punch a hole on the side.  Paint the coins. Lace the ribbon through the painted coins and the paper quotes. When you see someone do something kind, give them a coin to spread kindness.






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