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Nature Centers

Bloomington Education and Visitor Center
Bloomington: 3815 American Blvd E

Rapids Lake Education and Visitor Center
Carver: 15865 Rapids Lake Rd

Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Ctr
Hastings: 12805 St. Croix Tr
Hudson, WI: 300 E. Cove Rd
651.437.4359, parties

Dodge Nature Center
West St. Paul: 365 W Marie Ave

Eastman Nature Center
Dayton: 13351 Elm Creek Dr

The Brickyards of St. Paul
St. Paul: 950 Lilydale Rd

Carl W. Kroening Interpretive Center
Minneapolis: 4900 Mississippi Court

Harriet Alexander Nature Center
Roseville: 2520 N Dale St

Lowry Nature Center
Victoria: 7025 Victoria Dr

Maplewood Nature Center & Preserves 
Maplewood: 2659 E 7th St

Melva Lind Interpretive Center
St. Peter: 800 W College Ave

National Eagle Center
Wabasha: 50 Pembroke Ave

Richardson Nature Center
Bloomington: 8737 E Bush Lk Rd
763.694.7676, parties

Sierra Club North Star Chapter 

Silverwood Park
St. Anthony: 2500 Cty Rd E

Springbrook Nature Center
Fridley: 100 85th Ave NW
763.572.3588, parties

Tamarack Nature Center
White Bear Lake: 5287 Otter Lake Rd
camps, parties

Wargo Nature Center
Lino Lakes: 7701 Main St
camps, parties

Warner Nature Center
Marine on St. Croix: 15375 Norell Ave N
camps, parties

Westwood Hills Nature Center
St. Louis Park: 8300 W Franklin Ave
952.924.2544, parties

Woodlake Nature Center
Richfield: 6710 Lake Shore Dr
classes, parties


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