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Cedar Lake East: 21st St W and Upton S
Cedar Lake Point:
2100 Cedar Lake Pkwy
Cedar Lake South: Cedar Lake Pkwy
Lake Calhoun 32nd Beach: 3200 E Calhoun Pkwy
Lake Calhoun North: 2710 W Lake St
Lake Calhoun Thomas: 3700 Thomas Ave S
Lake Harriet North: 4101 Lake Harriet Pkwy E
Lake Harriet Southeast: 4740 Lake Harriet Pkwy E
Lake Hiawatha: 4500 28th Ave S
Lake Nokomis 50th Street: 5000 Nokomis Pkwy E
Lake Nokomis Main: 5001 Lake Nokomis Pkwy W
Theodore Wirth Lake: 3200 Glenwood Ave N

bowling, 43
breweries, 11–13
city parks and trails, 50
city tours, 57
comedy clubs, 45
cultural centers / festivals, 7–8, 21
farmer's markets, 13
galleries / gardens, 22, 23
Grand Rounds, 37
hiking, 42
historical attractions, 24, 25, 58
The Hitching Company, 49, 57
ice cream/frozen yogurt, 14, 15
indoor fun, 45-47
libraries, 27
Minneapolis Queen, 49, 57
movie theaters / movies, 48
museums, 24, 25, 58
orchards/nurseries, 16, 17
Paradise Charter Cruises 
performing arts, 30—33
Riddle Room, 49
science, 34
Sierra Club North Star Chapter, 29
skating, 51, 53
skyway guide, 42
spectator sports, 56
transportation, 58
Warehouse Winery, 18
water fun, 55, 56
winter fun, 52–53, 54
youth organizations, 9


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