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The Tiny Wish (a book review)

Given my love for all things small and magical, I was DELIGHTED to get my paws on a copy of the brand new beautiful and inspirational book, The Tiny Wish by Lori Evert, photographed by Per Breiehagen.

When I read the book to my five-year-old, her eyes grew as large as saucers and her lips curled into an "o".  The heart of magic has been tapped!

Forget about the busy and annoying world of cars and all their expensive problems, the internet with all it's paradoxical connectivity and loneliness. Let's remember a time when we were all more tied to nature. I love the beginning of the story, "Long, long ago, the days when you could only see as much of the world as a horse could take you...."

With that wonderful opening, my sweet daughter and I have traveled back in time and place and are ready to take in curious little Anja's spring adventure.  It's a perfect book to read right now when winter and I should have broken up and parted ways weeks ago.

"It is a magical time when most anything can happen." Author Lori Evert has her own magic. Her writing takes us to new and beautiful places that inspire the imagination.  Her husband Per gives us the visuals through his amazing photography and trickery to transcend us to the new places their darling daughter Anja takes us as she changes into the size of a tiny and magical creature to finally win the game of hide and seek she plays with her cousins.

In hopes that the Easter Bunny is reading this post, I would like to suggest The Tiny Wish as an Easter gift for all the boys and girls who can hardly wait to leave their coats and hats on the coat rack and run outside to enjoy the arrival of spring.

I can't write enough good things about this book, it's author, photographer, and main character. I encourage the young and the young at heart who are in touch with the magical world and especially those who need help remembering the importance of magic in our lives to  purchase a copy of this book and keep it close especially for these long wintery days filled with too much screen time.


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