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Week 4 Alphabet Summer 2011: C and H

We ended M & W week with the Meuli family in Wisconsin and made an easy transition to our C & H week with camera -shy cousin Connor and our Collins cousins . We had fun playing with the hula hoop , going for canoe rides and the eldest cousin Isabelle created a Survivor Camp and got the kids to catch their own fish and build a tent. There were lots of creepy crawly bugs involved and she kept asking questions that scared all the adults though….” Hey , how do you cook this clam we found in the lake?” and so forth. Thank goodness they all survived. We also survived the transition from bottle to sippy cup this weekend .  At 20+ months, it was more than time to switch. Here’s a picture of the little one in a creepy counter chair Grammy let us use. She really enjoyed sitting there. It made me a little nervous though like it was suspended in air. When we returned home the cousins came over to play at our house and watched as the concrete project came to complet