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Dayton's/Macy's Eighth Floor Exhibit 2005 - 2016

As a young girl I remember walking through Dayton's 1980 Eighth Floor Alice in Wonderland exhibit and then again in the late 90s on one of my first date's with my husband we experienced How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In 2005 a friend and I started the tradition of bringing our girls (then two years old) to this wonder-filled exhibit. That year the theme was Cinderella , followed by 2006's Mary Poppins, and 2007's The Nutcracker. For the next eight years, Macy's presented  Santaland: A Day in the Life of an Elf   until 2016. Even though it was the same, it was always special tradition for all of us. I put these videos together to help us all remember how fun it was and hopefully bring back some wonderful memories. Enjoy! Here is a list of each display 1963: Santa's Enchanted Forest 1964: Land of T