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Reindeer Wish (book review)

We just set up the Christmas tree and made our first batch of gingerbread cookies. With a little layer of snow outside, today is the perfect day to stay in and read The Reindeer Wish   by Lori Evert.  Anja (the sweet little imaginative girl from The Christmas Wish   and   Tiny Wish )  takes us on another magical adventure in the woods far  far  away where she discovers a lost baby reindeer. My  favorite part of the book is when the reindeer goes to school.  The pictures of Anja (taken by her father Per  Breiehagen , Lori's husband)  are  amazing!  It's so easy to imagine being one with nature while reading this book.   We're so excited to continue this journey with her as she helps prepare one of Santa's reindeer. The book makes a beautiful Christmas gift for children of ALL ages.   The Pioneer Press listed The Reindeer Wish as one of 10 Holiday Children's Books that Make Good Gifts, too .  Lori, Anja, and Per will be selling and signing The Reindeer Wi