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Adaptation, Accommodation, and Advocacy....oh my!

Moving Generation Me to We Teaching Generation Accommodation Advocacy Skills by Megan Meuli, M.A., Adler Graduate School Adjunct Faculty, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program In the 1970s, Tom Wolfe coined the term, “Generation Me” while Christopher Lasch described a rising culture of narcissism. In the spring of 2006, author Jean Twenge, Ph.D.’s book  Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans are More Confident, Assertive, and Entitled—and more miserable than ever  hit bookshelves around the world and was updated again in 2014. Dr. Twenge continues to research and write on this topic and has a new book in the works that continues the narrative of a generation that is focused solely on itself.   For the past two years, I have been diligently researching accommodation requests and requirements for individuals born between 1995—present and their impact on our future workforce. Most popular literature calls this group of children Generation Z, but I call them  G