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A Guy with a Movement Disorder Walks into a Bar.....

Coffee bar that is. Sounds like the beginning of a dumb joke, but, it's not. It's one of the best Generation A stories out there. Sam, the Dancing Starbucks Barista and his supervisor Chris appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on February 22, 2016. At that time 66 million viewers had watched the viral video of Sam dancing while making coffee for a very delighted customer.  Just in case you're not one of those 66 million, here's the background story. According to Ellen, Sam was told he would never be employable due to a movement disorder. Sam dreamed of becoming a barista. Not a great career combination. Can you imagine the response most employers would give Sam if he showed up for an interview at a coffee shop? Most hiring managers would likely take one look at Sam's jerky movements, think about the amount of coffee likely to be spilled, do the math, and regretfully send Sam on his way. But not Chris. Chris gets it. He gets Gen A. He gets the fact that m