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G is for Game Night

Last summer we had fun bringing board games to life when we visited Candyland and Chutes in Ladders with our chum Charlie to celebrate "C" day. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, we are starting to enjoy spending more family time together playing board games.  You may have some of these games on had in a closet or on a bookshelf. If not, check in with family and friends to see if you can borrow their games or puzzles, or buy a box from your local thrift store.  There will be a ton of fun board games and puzzles for sale at the Eden Prairie Holiday and Toy sale this weekend.  Don't forget playing cards. Here's an alphabet list of tons of card games you can play with your family. Turn off the TV, step away from the computer.  Here's a fun list of some of the many board games you and your family will enjoy playing: A – Apples to Apples, Ants in the Pants B – blowing up balloons, Bananagrams , Bingo, Battleship, Boggle, billiards, bac