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Resiliency: A Soundtrack

Find more Tip O' the Days here.... Music is powerful and can be very inspirational. I've also found it incredibly helpful in my ability to become and remain resilient even during the hardest of times. Last year I bought my first premium Spotify membership or whatever they call it and it made a huge and positive impact on my energy and productivity level.  So, this year, I renewed it and got the family package.  The kids are already getting out of bed earlier...I just blast it on the little speaker I bought off Craigslist (for $10....would have been 50 bucks new...but that just ain't me). Confession time: I'm frugal. Like crazy frugal. Anyone who knows me well, knows this and it likely drives them crazy. I avoid spending money except when it comes to buying a really good pair of shoes (that helps me avoid the maybe that still counts for frugality) and Spotify. So, here it is.  I created this sound track for myself and the women I get to work wit