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Uncommon Gardens

It's an unusual place for a garden, right smack in the middle of Lyndale, 58th Street and right off of the crazy Crosstown Hwy 62, you'll find Uncommon Gardens . A beautiful gardening store with everything you're looking for on the edge of South Minneapolis.  The best part of this store...they have a Gardening Elves club that meets once a month in the summer to do fun crafts for the little people who flock our gardens every summer (ummm, pixies, fairies, gnomes...all those creatures you have to have the heart of a child to see and believe. This Saturday, I'm excited to be hosting my first event at Uncommon Gardens...a hammock and raft.   Call (612) 866-3033 or just show up at 11 AM.  The event is my favorite kind, free!  If you can't make this one, be sure to join the mailing list here to learn about upcoming events.