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beARTrageous Event: Sunday, November 23, 3 PM

There are so many cool places around town to do fun things and one of the best is beARTrageous , a super cool arts and crafting store and community in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis. ​ 2121 W. 21st St, Minneapolis, MN 55405 612-423-7554 ​ ​ On Sunday, November 23 at 3 PM, I'll be hosting a Thanksgiving-inspired arts and craft project and selling my books.  There will be refreshments and a door prize! Please join us for some fun!!!

Princess Party Planned by a Pauper

Once upon a time, there was a little princess who delighted in all things fairy tale. Sadly, she was born into the home of a pauper. That pauper shopped at her local dollar store and hosted an amazing Royal Ball fit for the demanding princess. Come, see, and use the ideas the pauper is about to share: 1. The birthday guests were invited by hand made scrolls. Using brown paper lunch bags, the pauper carefully (and sometimes with curse words as it jammed a bit) printed invitations in the Blackadder ITC font: By order of Her Royal Highness Princess (her name) of (city/neighborhood), you are formally requested to attend a Royal Ball to celebrate her fifth birthday.  The festivities will commence at 2 o'clock on the afternoon of Sunday, October 26 at the Royal Palace (address).  Please come dressed as your favorite princess. There will be crafts, games, tea time, dancing, cake, and a special guest (or two).  All subjects are requested to send word of their reply by messen