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Wood Lake Nature Center Adventure Guide Contest

If you are a student at a Richfield school or a Richfield resident, you can show your love for Wood Lake Nature Center by entering a contest with a drawing, photo, or poem. Winners will have their work printed in the upcoming Wood Lake Nature Center guide. Submissions must be received by November 30. The Richfield Arts Commission will be judging the contest. Please use the forms below.

Let’s skip Z and just call them Generation A

     They’re   calling them Generation Z. But we really should call them Generation A. Think about it. Children born between 1995 to present have been  assessed , diagnosed, labeled, and are even self-identifying with all kinds of  ailments  that start with the letter “A.” It’s time to ditch the Z and jump back to the beginning of the alphabet.      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in 68 children is diagnosed with  Autism  Spectrum Disorder. 11% of our 74.2 million U.S. children are labeled with  Attention  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Nearly 6% of our kids have one sort of food  allergy  or another, not to mention that many of those allergies can and have resulted in  anaphylaxis . 9% of children of all ages struggle to breath and use inhalers to manage their  asthma . 25% of children ages 13 to 18 have a lifetime prevalence of  anxiety  with almost 6% of those teens suffering from severe anxiety disorder. 2.7% of our 13 to 17 year olds have been

Teaching Kids About Rejection & Resilience

Rejection. It's a big part of my life. I don't mean that in a what's wrong with the world, what's wrong with me sense. What I mean is it's important to learn how to deal with rejection, especially if you dream big. The more you put yourself and your ideas out there in the world, the more likely you're going to be rejected. To be authentic is to be rejected, some of the time, until you're not. It's hard to remain optimistic in this world where it appears that only a select few, the lucky ones, are able to share their biggest hopes and dreams with the outside world. "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." Japanese proverb To be a creative person with thoughts, ideas, and creativity to share with the world, it's important to learn to accept and push past rejection. Building resilience is essential to success. Ask any entrepreneur, CEO, PhD recipient, heck, why not ask Taylor Swift? Despite her tremendous success, I wouldn't doub

Homemade Dessert Stand

It started innocently enough. I needed a center piece. My friend Danielle suggested a bright-colored antique dessert stand or cake plate. I searched the city and couldn't find what I wanted for the price I was willing to pay. I found a white one at Target that could have done the trick, but I'd have to paint it and who knows how that would have ended up. But I had a little stroke of creativity and found this beautiful plate and bowl while at Target. With a little Super Glue and a little less than $10 bucks I made my own cake plate.  I haven't been able to stop. I picked up this gorgeous hand-painted plate and a matching red bowl at our local thrift shop.  I now have seven sets in all different colors and just bought a bunch more to give as Christmas gifts.