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G is for Giving the Gift of Gratitude

First published in USA Weekend last December written by, Francesca Castagnoli, I thought this was a perfect article to help kick off Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Holiday TV Guide 2013

Check out this link for upcoming holiday and Christmas shows !

One Frozen Lake by Deborah Jo Larson

Last Saturday, my friend Julie (the editor and indexer of Alphabet Adventures ) and I attended a local author book fair and had the chance to meet Deborah Jo Larson , author of One Frozen Lake in person.  Her book is filled with beautiful ice fishing images that immediately brought me back to my own childhood living on a small lake in Central Minnesota.  The pictures reminded me  of the cities that sprouted up in the middle of winter, in the middle of the lake.  One Frozen Lake  tells the story of a grandfather and grandchild on their ice-fishing adventures.  Deborah Jo Larson’s engaging narrative, a celebration of her childhood spent on frozen lakes, comes alive with appealing scenes expertly crafted by award-winning children’s book artists Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.   She lured me in (literally) with this darling Christmas craft at her table. Wouldn't this be a fun craft and gift for the kids in your life who love fishing...maybe even the kids at heart who love fishing