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     Fare for All: 641 89th Ave NE
     ice skating:
           Aurelia Park: 382 91st Ave NE**
           Austin Park: 4041 85th Ln NE
           Carrara East Park: 13129 Eldorado St
           Deacons Park: 11200 Arnold Palmer Dr
           Fogarty Arena: 9250 Lincoln St NE, 763.780.3328*
           Happy Acres: 119007th St NE**
           Ivy Hills Park: 12197 Fergus St NE
           Jefferson Park: 12833 Jefferson St NE
           Ostmans Park: 13063 Isanti St NE*
           Quail Creek Park: 2205 Quail Ck Pkwy NE
           Quincy Park: 10601 Quincy Blvd NE**
           Schwan Super Rink: 1700 105th Ave NE, 763.717.3880*
           Sunnyside Park: 750 Cloverleaf Pkwy
           Swan Park: 9750 5th St NE
           Xylite Park: 9033 Xylite St NE, 763.717.2709

            Anoka County History Center, 2135 3rd Ave N
            Northtown, 711 Cty Rd 10 NE
            Rum River, 4201 6th Ave
      Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt: 4365 Pheasant Ridge Dr NE #112
      Polish Festival
      Rainbow Yo


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